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With it's headquarters in Europe, Golden Rose developes, manufactures and distributes its own full line of skin care and colour cosmetic products, sold in over 60 countries including South Africa.

Golden Rose products enjoy commercial success in many countries across the globe and have been manufacturing outstanding products since 1983. Our factory combines state of the art technology with the newest achievements and discoveries of modern dermatology and cosmetology.
GOLDEN ROSE SOUTH AFRICAGolden Rose entered the South African market four years ago and has been promoted at a number of conventions and fairs in South Africa. The brand has been especially well received within the Bridal Market. Following this successful trial run in SA, their company is ready to launch into the wider retail market.
Manufacturing plant EUROPE

Headquarters EUROPE

Their products offer exceptional quality and incorporate the latest innovations and trends in cosmetology.
The high efficacy of our products has been confirmed by a number of outstanding dermatologists who are consistently working towards improving and developing innovative products.
All products undergo rigorous laboratory testing throughout the production process to ensure that no side effects are experienced with the use of Golden Rose products.

Their products are not tested on animals.
The Golden Rose line includes hundreds of products, addressing the full spectrum of skin care, cosmetic and colour needs of all women.

I've been using their make-up for four years since they've been in the country. It's very popular in the Indian market and I get most of my products from the Dubai Fashion store at the Oriental Plaza in Fordsburg. lately I've noticed that they've been advertized in the Cosmo and Marie Claire. They really are great products - high quality yet relatively affordable and good valur for money. The make-up is astonishingly long-wearing. I love their great range of eye make-up

I have all the colours -silver, the two greens, black sparkle, mauve, blue. Love these!

EXTREME SPARKLE EYELINERThis is an extremely sparkling and glittering eyeliner which creates glamorous and fabulous look making your eyes glitter like the stars. Colours to suite both day and night applications.
DIPLINERThis liquid eyeliner is easily applicable with its practical brush. Creates deep and mysterious gaze with its rich colour, lasting and fast dry texture

I have a few of these! Love them! What beautiful colours. It's great wet or dry, dip your make-up brush in a bit of water and then apply - this intensifies the colour and gives it a great satin-esque finish. Lovely!

TERRACOTTA EYELASHADOW (MONO & DUO)This series of eyeshadow has an extraordinary satin texture which gives a light bright effect on your eyes. The range contains various colour alternatives including high pearl.

This extraordinary shiny satin textured eyeshadow line has ultra sparkle and high pearl trendy colour alternatives that give dazzling look to your eyes.

This unique and ultra sparkle eyeshadow brings the dazzling colours of the rainbow and the gleam of the stars to your eyes.

This gives a great colour - my fave is the sparkle trio eyeshadows

SILKY TOUCH EYESHADOW (SINGLE & DUO)Gives perfect appearance to your eyes with pearly and matte fashion colour alternatives. Its silky soft structure makes it easily applicable. Available in single and duo forms.

I so want these!

They have loads of stuff! Check out their site for more

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