Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Leaping Peeping Tom

Ahhh, the soft,warm cushion of the la-di-da security complex in suburbia where we can't help but snuggle into that blankie of safety and privacy . . . until last night. Yes we have a perv - and he already lives in the plush complex hiding among the hardwood decks. He definitely lives in here.

Yes, so who knows what he has seen and heard? People surreptitiously dislodging wedgies, reading on the loo, singing in the shower, sha-boinking! The other night I was jumping about and lip synching to that crazy Black-eyed Peas cover of that Dirty Dancing classic and pretending that I was "fly like a G6". That must look crazy.

Apparently, he was checking out Michelle - the single girl a unit down two nights ago. Last night was a real topper, he climbed up a balcony (the freakin' 2nd story) and ogled a guy and his girlfriend "in bed". Well, he was spotted and the guy went from nought to pants-on in 5 seconds but alas, too late - the peeper leapt (complete miracle) down and then jumped off a rocky ledge. The security said that they'll definitely catch him.  Everyone is on the look out.What a weirdo! From the description I have my own "Complex Conspiracy Theory" as to who it is, the hubby disagrees. Will keep you guys updated!

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  1. da fuck nut probably saw beauty spotz that nobody knew they had...OMG i hope he wasnt recording stuff 4 youtube?!


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