Friday, December 10, 2010


I tried this out today. I love it - super yum and refreshing. You can feel and taste the real apple and kiwi bits (and the hint of mint). I felt so healthy!

Low Fat Kiwi & Apple with a Hint of Mint Smoothie

Low fat yoghurt with fruit. HOWARU probiotic cultures. Hormone free. Sweetened. Preservative free. Vegetarian with milk. Halaal. Kosher

 IngredientsLow fat yoghurt (30%) (Low fat milk; Modified cornstarch; Milk solids; Stabiliser (Vegetable based); Yoghurt cultures; HOWARU Bifido (HN019) probiotic culture); Water; Kiwi (12%); Apple (10%); Sugar; Pear concentrate (3%); Modified cornstarch; Flavouring; Colourant; Acidity regulator.

NutrientsEnergy                                    (270kJ per 100ml)
Cholesterol                           (2mg per 100ml)
Total dietary fibre                (0.2g per 100ml)
Sodium                                  (20mg per 100ml)
Calcium                                 (57mg per 100ml)
HOWARU (HN019)              (100million per 100ml)
Protein                                   (1.2g per 100ml)
Glycaemic Carbohydrate (13g per 100ml)
Of which total sugars       (11.1g per 100ml)
Total fat                                (0.7g per 100ml)
Of which mono unsaturated fatty acids (0.2g per 100ml)
Of which poly unsaturated fatty acids (0.0g per 100ml)
Of which saturated fatty acids (0.5g per 100ml)
Of which trans fatty acids (0.0g per 100ml)

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