Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cappuccino Chronicles - Fournos Bakery OR Tambo Airport

My Cappuccino with Cream. Quite good! No bitter After taste

Yummy! I love Baklava

Was at the Fournos a little while back and it was a "vegetable day" (fasting, as in no eating meat) so I didn't really have much choice and couldn't sample a real egg-y breakfast. Luckily  there was some yummy Baklava and a good Cappuccino. The great thing about the "nom joints" (restuarants and take-aways) is that the service is quite fast a very friendly. A little factoid - Fournos has been voted best Bakery in Joburg by Leisure Options Readers for the past 13 years. Now I can't stop thinking of Baklava . . .

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