Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lamelle Beta Peel 15% done by Judy Baron from Lamelle

These brown spots peeled off within 3 days of the peel
It looks bad I know and the surrounding skin is red,bronzed and splotchy but after three days
my skin was faaaaaaaaaaaaaaab (high c singing voice)

Yip , some beta-peeled skin.

Visible results:

Fine lines and wrinkles become less apparent
Skin tone evens out
Texture becomes more refined
Oily or acne-prone skin is improved
Enlarged- pores appear smaller
Superficial scars appear reduced
Skin appears healthier and more youthful
Pigmentation is reduced in all skin types (with repeated peels)*


Beta Peel 15% is a professional product which is used in Lamelle Pigmentation professional protocols.

Beta Peel 15% is a light superficial chemical exfoliation which contains 15% Salicylic acid in a self neutralizing base. Beta peel 15% assists in impurity removal and is brilliant for hyperpigmentation due to salicylic acid being known for it’s anti inflammatory properties.A Beta Hydroxy Peel is a superficial ,minimal downtime procedure that effectively renews the skin by lifting dead cells off the surface of your skin and stimulating the metabolism of the epidermal cells underneath. The peel is excellent for epidermal hyperpigmentation and fine lines. Improves skin radiance .Acne scars and enlarged pores may become less noticeable, and acne breakouts may be reduced. The 15% is safe for all Fitzpatrick Skin Types.
was quite used to having the RegimA lactic acid peels, the Lamelle Beta Peels are a whole different ball game. The sting is quite apparent on application, it was quite intense (this was potentiated by the fact that I was using Nimue AHA based products at the time) but bearable. Before the peel I had a large zoit that appeared after my not-so-fab Babor experience. Wow , wow and wow! It literally fell off three days after this peel. Looking at my new, fresh skin, you would never know that the zoit was even there. My skin looked fantastic!

The important thing with peels is that to see good results a series of peels must be done - your skin feels great after one peel but after a course of peels it looks absolutely fabulous!

This product can only be used by your accredited Lamelle Specialist or Aesthetic Medical doctor


  1. I recently had a peel (not sure which one), I did ask for the acne peel, so assumed it was going to be the beta peel, I think they might have done the alpha peel and must say not overwhelmed with the results. Still battle with an oily skin, my acne did not improve at all. The lady only left it on for +- 1 minute. Not so sure that i'll go back to her:(

  2. Hi Anonymous, one minute does sound like quite a short space of time. Do you know what product range it was from?

    Usually a series of peels give a more significant result

    For oily and acne prone skin have a look at Lamelle's Clarity range and their oral supplement called Acnevelle

  3. I'm taking 4tablets a day for acnevelle,already undergone beta peel 3times and I don't see the difference,I'm also applying lamelle brightening lotion with spf 30.my first treatment was on the 5th of december.still no difference


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