Sunday, April 3, 2011

MAC is Fabulous!

Mineralize eye shadow duo - SEA AND SKY

What is this stuff ?Two coordinating shades baked together in a single pan. A superb way to experience Mineralize's unique properties: exceptionally sheer and lightweight application, and easy, rich colour. Finishes include super-fine pearl that leave a soft dimensional shimmer on the skin.

I've had this little gem for a while and I love it. Great quality, fabulous rich colour and versatile. It creates a mean blue smokey eye. Love love love.It never clumps into the eye lids so that when you look down, or gloops up in the eye crease. This makeup stays exactly where you applied it for hours on end and still looks great. It has a nice subtle,rich,velvet shimmer . This duo ids great for dark and light skin tones, I like that the colour is easily buildable so you can go bold or demure! Creates an Awesome smokey eye. Quite a bit of eye shadow in the tub and it's definitely worth the splurge. With the dark colour the only thing is the fall out and the shadow is so highly pigmented so if not applied carefully and if "fall-out" measure aren't taken you're going to have to clean up a whole lot of blue. Whatever, I absolutely love this colour! Love it!

I am so in love with these blues! MAC is fabulous . . . what more can I say?
Mineralize eyeshadow duo in FRESH GREEN MIX
I love blue and I love green and I can never have enough blue and green eye shadows. Loving the fresh green mix with a muted half and that super,bright green, electroflash half! The pictures don't do it Justice. the colours look fab on medium,olive and light skin tones and really accentuate the eyes. Does a fab green smokey eye. I love these duos because the pigment is amazing and rich, the texture is soft and velvety, it lasts forever and blends and applies really well. Also you can change your look from fresh to super sultry just by playing with the two colours.


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