Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some Simple Snippets on Sensational Snaps

After braving that nebulous entity "Home Affairs" (okay not really , I hired VBJ services but I still had to go to that crazy place ) I got my new passport in  record time. I hate it! Why oh why is my old one lost? I suspect it is where all lost socks go. Who knows? I'll probably find it after the trip.

I shudder everytime I look at my passport photo - is that even me? Will they let me leave the country? So after this unfortunate photo failure I decided to blog about some simple, age-old tips so you can avoid the dreaded "passport face"

1. Hide a double chin
It’s all in the position of your face. Straighten your neck, but relax your shoulders. Then push your chin out and downward. This may sound strange, but practice this in front of the mirror so it’s old hat when you’re in front of the cameras
2. Avoid severe hairstyles
Yes we know it’s easy to pull your hair back into a ponytail. But these updos can look very severe and harsh on film. Literally, let your hair down! This will soften the curves of your face. You can also do a partial updo, or pull down a few strands of your hair so they fall gently against the sides of your cheeks.

3. Secret to a photogenic smile
Here’s a secret from the modelling industry. Push the tip of your tongue behind the top front of your teeth. This will avoid that stiff smile! Your facial muscles will relax and also help you avoid a double chin and it accentuates your cheekbones/malar area.

4. Make your arms look thinner
Don’t push your arms against your torso. Angle them a little away from your body, so you see a gap between your torso and your arms. A shawl can also help hide really big arms.

5. Choose slimming clothes
V-neck blouses and dark colours are sure-fire slimming secrets. And get a good fabric that follows your silhouette without being super-clingy—clothes that are too loose and shapeless will only make you look bigger.

6. Position your feet
Take a cue from red carpet poses! Position one foot in front of the other, swivel your hips, and then turn feet slightly away from the camera to make your frame look taller and narrower.

7. Smile with your eyes
Think of something happy and pleasant, and look straight at the camera. Avoid the vacant, fake smile. If you’ve been smiling too long, your facial muscles will look artificial, so stop and puff up your cheeks for a second before smiling again.

8. Breathe out
Breathe out just before the shot is taken, since breathing in will stiffen your shoulders and make you look tense and stiff

Kim has it down!

So does this lady

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