Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some Yummy Patisserie Stuff the Hubby Makes

Custard and Peach Tarts (Custard made from Scratch)

The yummiest Panna Cotta ever. Super creamy on the inside.
I totally demolished it

Creme Brulee (with the do-dah over the e)


Meringue Tarts

The Yummiest Damn Mojito Cupcakes ever. Totally devoured.

Some Traditional fare

Panna Cotta in mould

Caramilized Onion and Blue Cheese Savoury Tarts

Choux Pastry eclairs in what my bro calls "rustic shapes"

Black Forest cake - Yum!

Choc Swiss Roll with Nut crackle

Orange and Almond Sponge- :)

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