Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cappuccino Chronicles - Vovo Telo, 4th Avenue, Parkhurst

 The hubby and I decided to check out Parkhurst on a Friday night instead of the usual Sunday Morning. It sounds a bit crazy but I want to nom at every single eatety on 4th avenue and blog the experience I really wanted to try Possums but it was super full. In the end we settled on Vovo Telo - an artisanal bakery that is  also has a thriving restaurant.

Service was semi- friendly but I must admit a bit slow . Watching all the waitrons ( how's my non-gender specific-ness) - an eclectic bunch that were friendly, too friendly, morose, high-pitched, annoying. SO we're a bit "iffy" about the place. It was nice but . . . (said with a  sort of croaky-doubtfulness). The food was good , yummy but I just wasn't feeling the place. I can't really put my finger on it.

Good Coffee but it took ages to get to us

Great Menu Idea - on brown paper. Sorry for the picture quality
It was taken from my dying-a-slow-death Blackberry. I did have
a Sony Cybershot in my bag but I thing the Hubby would have been embarressed.

We had this as a "starter"  Cheese and cold meat platter
The olives were very good and the mushroom doing a solo act
- 1 solitary 'shroom. Olive bread was nommy

I did not like my Mimosa

The Pizza's are uuhhh-mazing. May consider going back
for this. The hubby said there is too much foliage on the pizza but
the rest tasted nommy.

All the dessert were polished off so I decided to try their
chunks of chocolate and nuts. It may look "rustic" but it tasted good.
I was thinking about it the whole weekend but then again I am a chocolate
addict - I really  do have a problem. Salty  mixed nuts and milk and dark chocolate
shards - nommier that you may think.

Yey the Smoo got me a rose

A cool thing happened in the middle of the meal - A Flash Mob of Cyclists in Full Gear
with lights and a boom box rode down the street. The next day on Twitter I asked @Parkhurst_JHB
what that was about - eventually after many many people got involved in the conversation we discovered
it was a group called Critical Mass  Check it out   :  http://www.jhblive.com/kultcha/features/critical_mass_movement/10003

Cobbles Centre,
4th Ave Parkhurst
Parkhurst, Johannesburg

011 447 5939


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