Sunday, January 29, 2012

Maajin Buu and other Kitchen disasters

The Golden Book of Patisserie

What I had visions of

Red Velvet Cake made by moi. I envisioned it being,well,red.
It does look more scarlet-hued in real life though

Orange zest and Coconut nomminess (those were my own additions to
this Plain Jane Vanilla cake)
I can't help experimenting.

Giant Syringe Icing contraption . I obviously can't seperate work from

So cute!

I forgot that "hello kitty" is white and usually wears
a skirt. Instead I have made  baby Maajin Buu from Dragonball-Z

                                                                Maajin Buu
An Even Worse version - but the icing tastes yummy - all orange zesty-esque
My mum-in-law said that they were very yummy

The look I was going for. This is from an iced biscuit from
Woolies food. Warning : Avoid. It tastes hideous and erases all
good memories I had of those Iced Zoo biscuits from my childhood

 <>        <>
The Hello Kitty that turned into a boozy dessert on New Year's Eve

Please excuse the teeny bracket things hovering around any pictures , I've tried my best getting rid of them but they just reappear - maybe they are the work of teeny HTML gremlins.
Recently I've been bitten by the baking bug . . . with disasterous consequences. Well , these creations taste great , I think I just have to work on the aesthetics.

In our rumble-tumble bookcase full of books and Buddha statues we have the Golden Book of Patisserie that actually does have gold-edged oages. It is the hubby's book.

Last year I had been lusting over the Red Velvet Cake , there was a recipe in almost magazine I bought, it was the new Christmas cupcake, people were just talking about and blogging about it and Facebooking pictures of their Red Velvet creations. It was driving me crazy. So I decided enough of nagging the hubby/Smoo to take me to Life , I love Cupcake or some other cupcake heaven in "the North" (you can't find a red velvet cupcake in Bassonia) as well as not willing to entertain visions of myself driving there alone - I decided I will make my own.

It was such an anti-climax - the cake looked and tasted good , although the whole cream cheese thing didn't please everyone. It is just a super rich choclate cake that is a bit red. I know the original recipe has raw chocolate and by some mystical chemical reaction it oxidizes and cake is RED. Yada , yada , blah , blah. Maybe I expected too much.

Moving on : Exhibit 2

Hello Kitty disaster x 2. I got these Hello Kitty mini baking tins for my husband but I was dying to make a Hello Kitty anything so I decided to use them. I thought I would make some Hello Kitty  cakes for our New Year's do. Sadly the Hello Kitty didn't "form" - got stuck in bits. So I squeeshed all the cake in a glass container, poured some boozy Amarula over it, cut some syrupy peaches super thin, slapped some cream over and Cadbury's Flake. Shoved in the fridge to chill. It tasted really good - we had it for breakfast on New Year's day . Thankfully my friend Tanusha made a great Dark Chocolate Lindt dessert.

The nest time the kitties were well formed and I added my own twist of lemon zest and coconut but the decorating was not-so-Ayoba. Sigh.In my defense I did start making them at 11:30PM and during my Digital Detox Phase. Although I'm not one to give up - I will make an awesome Hello Kitty.


  1. Aaahh, I think the hello kitty
    you made is super cute! First I wanna poke it ;p
    then I wanna eat it up!
    I almost get the feeling of the cat in the first pic u put lol! :) very pretty!

  2. Thank you! That makes me feel better - At least it looks edible too!


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