Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cosmetic Trends for 2012

Hormone Balancing

Anti-ageing supplements and Hormone balancing will become an increasingly popular treatment to keep you looking and feeling younger for longer.
However it is vital to be treated by a skilled doctor who can correct, monitor and finely tune hormonal imbalances in the body with a hormone profile test.
Some doctors believe taking the natural steroid DHEA can slow the rate at which you age, reduce body fat and increase sex drive. A youth-boosting therapy called bio-identical hormone replacement is another option.
Fat Attack

Scientists at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, are developing a drug that can cause weight loss due to a protein compound called adipotide that locates and destroys fat cells by cutting off their blood supply.

Tests performed on monkeys over a period of 28 days concluded the subjects lost 11 per cent of their body weight.The drug only targets fat cells leaving muscles and other essential tissues alone. Also some more ultrasound devices on the way.

Botox Bandwagon

There will be a number of new competitors to Botox, including PurTox and Reloxin.

These botulinum toxins, used cosmetically to smooth lines and creases, are on their way to being approved by America’s FDA, which means they may soon be available here.

They all have slightly different formulations but will be comparable in efficacy and longevity. Keep your eyes peeled for Revance, a topical Botox-style gel which erases lines without injections. New injectables are also emerging which are thinner in texture, making them good for treating shallow lines, thinner skin and areas around the eyes.

Miracle in a Jar?

The buzz around 2012’s must-have “miracle” cream has begun. From French cosmetic giant L’OrĂ©al, the as yet unnamed cream promises to smooth lines and repair damaged skin by tricking human skin cells into regenerating themselves using a technology called Glycanactif.
The cream, out later this year, has been researched by experts in glycobiology, the science of using naturally occurring sugars to improve health.

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