Monday, January 23, 2012

Woman at Work End of Year Function : Diamonds and Pearls

Yashmita and I

Wish I wore more white

The Sistas - can you believe that one is just over a decade older than me and the other
is almost two decades older.

Minibhen with Amor. She is much prettier in real life.

We were acting like such groupies! LOL

My Bling :)

I have the least bling-y shoes

I gifted Amor some Restylane Skin care and Fillers worth R4000

Bought some cool stuff here

The pink piggies - for charity. St Mary's

One of the winners of the Restylane Prize

This lady had a sari on - what a snazz blouse!

The pink piggy


Hello bhen(*sister in Gujarati)

WOMAN@WORK (started by Toni and Tanya) is a Ladies networking initiative that creates a platform and environment where woman can support one another in business. Whether you own your own business, starting a business or work for a corporate company or an organisation, WOMAN@WORK encourages ladies to support one another and build strong business relationships whilst attending our fun Networking Events. They also promote a different charity at each function.
Their Vision is to assist and grow female owned businesses and females in business.
Their Mission is to promote, build, support, reach and communicate with as many females and/or female owned businesses on a regular basis.
 WOMAN@WORK hosts monthly ladies Networking Events, where you have the opportunity to promote yourself, product, service and business.
There are many aspects to achieving success. Knowing that you have support in all areas of your business creates the freedom for one to concentrate on the growth and opportunities for your business.

These nights always provide some fun sister together-time for my sistas(sic) and I . It's also a fab way to promote your business. They usually have a fantastic guest speaker. The end of year function was spectacular and loads of fun! Amor is fantastic and extremely approachable. She is also completely obsessed with Kylie Minogue and she sang a couple of her songs (she has an amazing voice). So she sang, she spoke , she motivated it was fab.

When it came to prize time I gave away a lot of prizes - Restylane skin care, teeth whitening kits, Resylane Make-up bags a lip augmentation (my Luscious Lotus Lip Plump and Sculpt) as well as giving a gift to Amor - Restylane Fillers and skincare.

The Charity of the night was the St Mary's ( Yashmita was so touched by their story that she decided that she would take them up as the other charity for her Kilimanjaro climb . The other charity is Friends for Life in Kwazule Natal - the are a teeny charity helping kids get through school. After she said this (when it came to business announcements) this lady came through from Herbal Life (*BBM Angry Face* they are like the Amway/ Nuskin of Supplements) telling my sister that she must buy the products and she will give her a discount for the climb - how she related it to the charity is beyond me. My sister politely declined but how crazy was that! we are totally off these herbal Life reps after one harrassed my Husband and I . Don't they know that agressive, desperate and pushy sales results don't work. Bleh to Herbal Life ! Bleh to them!

 The rest of the people were encouraging with one telling her about her climb and a whole of hiking enthusiasts chatting to my sister. As well as the friendly reporter from the Tame times.

The entire night was great fun - music, chatting , networking , prizes , shopping! Can't wait until the next one!

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