Thursday, January 26, 2012

KLS Hairdressing And Beauty - Good Experience :)

Last week Friday I got a much needed hair cut from Sylda at KLS. I was starting look like cave-girl. Sylda has been doing my hair for almost three years - she did all my hair for my pre-wedding ceremonies (2009). I posted some pics of that as well. She made all those months trawling through Asiana Wedding worth it.

Any-hoo , I had the fab haircut but my hair was sooooo boring (being it's normal brown self - I haven't coloured it for yonks) and I wanted to inject some fun into it. I also am extremely low-maintenance in terms of hair - wash and go- even though I have a fantastic hair dryer, a GHD and loads of high-end hair products. I just don't use them (I'm not being lazy- I don't seem to be great with doing my own hair).To inject some fun into my hair I'd been thinking of  doing some undercolour/Peek-a-boo highlights. I had them done ages ago when I was in 5th year Medschool but the colourist completely misunderstood me ( I had a picture!) and made me completely blonde. I knew Sylda could do it and I explained it to her and she knew excatly what I wanted (she showed me a pic). I made an appointment for the next Monday and voila! Peek-a-boo. I"m still getting used to it and can't decide if it looks trashy or not but it's very well done. I also had one of their awsome K-Pak Joico treatments (a 4 step process including a great head massage from Kylie. Busi is also cool and fun - really great people ). Initially I was also like WTH is Joico ? (

 Where is the /Redken Logo

Anyway , I've had two Joico treatments there already and it's great - hello super-soft hair! It is a great product - here's to trying out something different!

I've decided that I might like to try something different every month - why not!

The wash station

The Style Area. They really look after you at KLS. Also besides the
usually Cappuccinos and Juice, there are wines, teas and champagne (or MCC)
Colour and Brazilians. Didn't take a pic of the snazz
reception but it is snazz.

The Peek-a-Boo Highlights

The Ultimate Self Shot

Me, as the Asian Bloggers put it, "camwhoring". She coloured my
hair a deep chocolate brown which took a bit to get used to because my real hair colour is
lighter than that

Bad Pictures Taken by hubby

Not sure if this is meant to be artsy but he shouted at me for moving
One of my pre-wedding ceremonies

Yip real flowers
Can you tell there is a giant roller in my hair. I was trying
to go for the whole "OM Shanti OM - 60s-Bollywood movie look"
Miracle by Sylda

Hair as high it can go. (with the Bestie)

You see the little jewel thing going down my path - I made it. My Necklace
is dying from all the extra beads and Swarovskis I've added. Amisha is helping me out.

The whole red thing was my own doing. Stupid thing to try the week
of your wedding

When else do you get to wear a tiara- another
pre wedding ceremony

Loving these curls and the cut Sylda did- this is
about 3 months after the wedding

A cool hair cut that Sylda did. I did the whole red thing myself
after the whole curly hair-ness

MMMmmmmm - I think I want to do this

What I'm going for

Or maybe this

Maybe this- this is nice:

Update : So we decided it was too much of a "skanky look" and I'm not really comfortable with it so
I'm going to try and get my real hair colour back .It was very well done but I can't deal with the contrast.


  1. Such a pity you changed it, I actually thought it looked really cool :)

  2. Thanks Dominique , I actaully didn't get around to changing it and thank goodness it's an undercolour so it's super low maintenance


Love to hear your thoughts!

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