Friday, January 20, 2012

Eezy-Peezy Tarts - at least this was not a kitchen disaster. Well more aptly named by me " Lotus Filo tarts with fresh cream,organic berries and organic Rose and Lemongrass Syrup"

Artsy hey

Disturbingly these things look like pairs of boobs- bad choice of Blueberry Placement

So I made these tarts - my chest swells with pride and my head swells with . . .well, pride I suppose. Works of art! (humour me). Fast food Patisserie.  The Filo is store bought , the berries are truly organic but yes I made from scratch the syrups. A rose syrup from the blood - red petals , intoxicatingly fragranced (organically grown) roses that I nicked from my parent's garden and also Lemongrass (lili-cha - we use it in our masala tea) also nicked from the parent's garden. I also used organic " white (it-looked-so-brown), unrefined ,  sugar". My sister Yashmita couldn't stop laughing -she said it was a crazy contradiction as white sugar by definition is refined.

Here is the rose - it smells amazing not loke those roses that have no smell at all.

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