Sunday, January 8, 2012

Parkhurst 4th Avenue : Part Two.SO Nice I had to blog about it twice(So Cheesy , I know). Quaint , holiday vibe

So we loved Nice so much we decided to go there again! Taking my best friend and hubby along (they are serious foodies and love trying new places as well as giving good advice on places having great noms). It was their last day (18/12/11) before closing up for December so it was much quieter than the first time we went . Also the owner remembered us and asked do we mind sitting inside (outside was full) since we sat outside the last time - we went there over a month previously. Seriously impressed!

Nice's Book Store

We decided to take a walk along the avenue and came across this lovely shop

Hah! A plastic surgeon injects here hey ! And a Botox sticker on the door
and "These people in my area " - I know who they are - had a complaint against me that I used the word Botox in my ads.
Now I have to say anti-wrinkle injections. #annoyed.

We ended up here for midday drinks

We thought these bunnies were Retro-kitsch

My hubby's cousin behind the "draughty' size beer

Minted Raspberry Colada: Cuban Rum Shaken with coconut infused sugar,
fresh mint, raspberries and pineapple juice. I just couldn't finish it

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