Wednesday, January 4, 2012

God of War III : PS3 - Don't judge me!

I love games - my dad used to have a general shop with Arcade Games and one of those real, old-school pin ball machines. So I grew up playing Double Dragon and Street Fighter!

I love Tekken! My husband who is not a gamer at all suggested I get get God of War 3. I am hooked! It's also "physical strenuous" - my husband laughed when I said I think I totally engaged my abs playing it. Well, you will definitely have stronger forearms!

I have even bookmarked  forum pages and the You Tube Walkthroughs dedicated to the game. I give this game the thumbs up , it forces you to constantly think and strategize - a must have game. Great tip - position of the controller - put it on your lap - sounds silly I know but it makes play easier.

Update: Since I've written this post , I haven't played the game (about 2 weeks!). I have no idea why - maybe I'm too lazy to set the whole thing up #sadbuttrue

Update: I am now stuck at a musical puzzle - 1 note away from finishing it - it's driving me crazy!

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